When are Labor Day Car Sales Announced?

The answer to this question is as different as the car manufacturers and dealers themselves.  The fact that you are looking for an answer to this means that you’re a smart shopper, and setting yourself up to get the best price available.  Check back as we get closer to Labor Day to see the best deals that we could find.

Car Manufacturer Announcements

Some manufacturers, such as Ford and Toyota, have embraced holiday sales to entice car shoppers into the dealerships, while others seem to discount the Labor Day holiday, and sales all together.  At any given time though, manufacturers will often have a number of offers and incentives available to potential customers.

Car Dealer Announcements

Regardless of what the manufacturer is providing, many dealers take the Labor Day holiday as a great opportunity to attract buyers into the dealership.  The better dealerships are prepared well in advance for Labor Day Weekend, however, it doesn’t always mean that they will be broadcasting their offers a month in advance. What that does is makes people wait for the incentives that are coming at the end of the month.  Most dealers will begin their Labor Day Advertisements beginning the week before the holiday weekend.

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