Is Labor Day a Good Day to Buy a Car?

Is Labor Day really a good time to buy a car?  Some might say Labor Day is the best day to buy a car, and here’s why.   Most dealers benefit from large volume sales.  They would rather move more cars at a lower profit than make more money on fewer cars.  With buyers coming off of summer vacations, and new models beginning to appear in the showrooms, dealers have to move old inventory to make room for new.  Labor Day has always been considered a big time for sales, and car sales are no different.  Manufacturers will often get in on the action by offering special incentives both direct to the customer and also behind the scenes to the dealer.  This is also a time for dealers to get their sales numbers to a higher level before leading into the Fall season.

How do you find the best Labor Day Car Sales?  By starting early, and letting local dealers know you are interested in buying.  While just going to your closest dealer works just fine, they way to get the best price is to have a few dealers in your pocket.  It’s as easy as telling them your interested in a specific type of car, and then watching the offers roll in.  If you tell a dealer you’re interested in a new Mazda3 for example, you will be aware that “Dealer 2” just got a shipment of 10 new ones in, and they really have to move the old ones, or better yet, check out all the discounts on the new ones.

The earlier you start, the better, though many “Labor Day Car Deals” are extended past the Labor Day weekend.  Dealers begin planning for the specials in early August, so get on their radar, and start following their inventory and special offers.

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